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Kitesurfing at Goring



Kitesurfing at Goring is for advanced riders only . The launch area is on a grass area behind a line of beach huts so launching and entering the sea is pretty tricky to say the least . At low tide the water is very shallow and there are lots of mussel beds and crab rocks so most people head out at high tide . There is a pretty big shore dump and hardly any beach to land kites if you get into trouble .
So unless you are extremely competent in big shore dumps and large swell , go somewhere else to kite.

ZONES : You need to contact the club to find out about specific kite zones .

BEST TIMES TO KITESURF : two hours either side of high tide.

SUITABLE FOR : advanced riders

WATER STATE : large shore dump and medium to large waves.

WINDS POSSIBLE TO KITE IN : any direction that has no Northerly wind in it .

BKSA Club : there is a facebook page for the guys who ride at Goring called Goring Kiters

LOCAL WEATHER LINK : www.anotherharddayattheoffice.co.uk

FACILITIES : a big café restaurant right at the spot.

TOILETS : the toilet block is under the restauant and is available from morning till night

PARKING : there is a car park at the restaurant which I think is free and off road parking which is free.

KITE SHOP : the local shop is called Worthing Watersports , there web address is www.worthingwatersports.com