• TEL : 07872 904302 / 07946 141655

Kitesurfing at Hove



Kitesurfing at Hove is great for advanced riders who like kitesurfing in waves . There is a small beach to launch and land and you must stay upwind of the launch beach as the beaches downwind are small and you cant land your kite on these .The water is pretty deep as soon as you enter the water .

ZONES : there are no specific kitesurfing zones and there are other beach users so you must be a competent rider to kite here .

BEST TIMES TO KITESURF : two hours either side of low tide

SUITABLE FOR : advanced

WATER STATE : medium sized waves and a pretty big shore dump

WINDS POSSIBLE TO KITE IN : any direction that has no Northerly wind in it .

BKSA Club : there is no club in Hove

LOCAL WEATHER LINK : www.channelcoast.org

FACILITIES : kiosk in the summer serves food and drinks

TOILETS : there is a public toilet block near the kite spot

PARKING : massive car park and costs £1-£1.50 per hour  .

KITE SHOP : there is no kiteshop in Hove