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SUP at Hove


SUP AT HOVE – East Sussex

SUP at Hove is a great spot for enjoying Stand up paddlebaording with good waves when the swell is good . The water is pretty deep though and there are groynes to be careful of so the more advanced riders would be better here , not really for beginners.

ZONES : there are no specific SUP zones and there are other beach users so you must be a competent rider to SUP here .

BEST TIMES TO SUP : two hours either side of low tide

SUITABLE FOR : intermediate to advanced riders

WATER STATE : medium sized waves and a pretty big shore dump

WINDS POSSIBLE TO SUP IN : any direction that has no Northerly wind in it .

BSUPA Club : there is no club in Hove

LOCAL WEATHER LINK : www.channelcoast.org

FACILITIES : kiosk in the summer serves food and drinks

TOILETS : there is a public toilet block near the kite spot

PARKING : massive car park and costs £1-£1.50 per hour .

SUP SHOP : www.boardrider.co.uk