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SUP at Brighton


SUP at BRIGHTON : East Sussex

SUP at Brighton beach is not that good for Stand up paddleboarding in the waves as the water is pretty choppy when windy but it is great for flat water paddling and chilling in a great vibe among all the daytrippers. When its windy , its choppy and has a huge shoredump making it only possible for experienced SUPers .

ZONES : there are no Stand up paddleboard zones as such. Between the piers is a no go when the beach is busy as landing is difficult and there are lots of pieces of metal near the old West Pier submerged under the water . If you go out either go up to Hove or go to the East of the Palace Pier but make sure you SUP with a friend so you can keep an eye on each other .

BEST TIMES TO SUP : two hours either side of low tide

SUITABLE FOR : beginner to advanced riders

WATER STATE : very choppy with massive shore dump when its windy

WINDS POSSIBLE TO SUP IN : any direction that has no Northerly in it .

BSUPA Club : Brighton Watersports at www.thebrightonwatersports.co.uk

LOCAL SWELL LINK : www.magicseaweed.com

FACILITIES : lots of restaurants and cafes to choose from

TOILETS : use the café and restaurant toilets

PARKING : very expensive approx.. £3.50 per hour !!

SUP SHOP : Brighton Watersports