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Kitesurfing at Brighton


Kitesurfing at Brighton beach is not that good for kitesurfing , it is deep water , very choppy and has a huge shoredump making it only possible for experienced kitesurfers .

ZONES : there are no kitesurf zones as such. Between the piers is a no go when the beach is busy as landing is difficult and there are lots of pieces of metal near the old West Pier submerged under the water . If you go out either go up to Hove or go to the East of the Palace Pier but make sure you kitesurf with a friend so you can launch and land each other .

BEST TIMES TO KITESURF : two hours either side of low tide

SUITABLE FOR : advanced riders

WATER STATE : very choppy with massive shore dump when its windy

WINDS POSSIBLE TO KITE IN : any direction that has no Northerly in it .

BKSA Club : there are no Kitesurf Clubs in Brighton

LOCAL WEATHER LINK : www.channelcoast.org

FACILITIES : lots of restaurants and cafes to choose from

TOILETS : use the café and restaurant toilets

PARKING : very expensive approx.. £3.50 per hour !!

KITE SHOP : None in Brighton