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Kitesurfing at Lancing



Kitesurfing at Lancing is superb, perfect spot for learning , shallow for approx. 100 metres,at low tide , gently shelving beaches which make it excellent for beginners because if they encounter any problems with relaunch or get parted from there board they just stand up !! Lancing beach hosts the only UK leg of the global KB4Girls kite clinics from 9 x world champion Kristin Boese so the beach is well respected amongst top riders . Lewis Crathern ( the man who jumped Brighton Pier ) is often seen riding at Lancing too !!

ZONES : there are kitesurfing zones and these can be found clearly marked on signs on the beach .There is a teaching zone and a freeride zone .

BEST TIMES TO KITESURF : two hours either side of low tide

SUITABLE FOR : beginners – advanced

WATER STATE : flat with small chop sometimes

WINDS POSSIBLE TO KITE IN : any direction that has no Northerly wind in it

BKSA Club : Yes the Lancing Kitesurf Club has one of the biggest memberships in the country , it only costs £5 and they do loads of social outings . you can find them at www.lancingkitesurfingclub.com

LOCAL WEATHER LINK : www.channelcoast.org

FACILITIES : kiosk in the summer serves food and drinks

TOILETS : two toilet blocks are available from morning till night

PARKING : massive car park and costs £1.50 to park all day , in the winter there is no attendant so is free .

KITE SHOP : Leigh at Evolution Boardsports is only a few minutes from the beach and holds lots of kit from different brands and repairs kites as well . www.evolutionboardsports.com