Sandbanks Paddle Board Package

Elite Turquoise SUP Package


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Low cost Elite Board is built with the same multi-layer fusion technology as our other boards and has been tested to the same rigorous standards. We have used 4.75” drop-stitch which gives the Elite a slimmer profile than our Ultimate boards. The Elite is lightweight and agile with great stability for riders up to 100kg. Slightly simpler accessories enable the savings to make this board unbelievable value. The Elite even comes with D-rings so you can attach a kayak seat.

We build our boards using a multi-layer fusion technology and take great care over the quality of our products. We run our business with very small overheads and are happy to take a smaller margin so you can have a great quality/performing paddleboard without it costing you a fortune.

Plus, the board comes with a three year warranty as standard.


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